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[¤ espíritu tantra || what is tantra?]
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[¤ espíritu tantra || what is tantra?]
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The session is done nude (both patient and therapist), so that the activation of sexual energy is optimal.

You can choose our therapist tantric male or female, they are all professionals with extensive experience and training.

We do not publish photos because we don't want to be confused with one of the many services based on physical appearance, surface, you can find in many advertisements on the Internet nor with those that advertise "happy ending".

We do not have a catalog of girls and boys, what we offer are massages given by professionals who can help you progress and grow in your life. That is our vocation and our commitment.

We expect you to trust us to discover the authentic ancient Tantra.

Espíritu Tantra Center opened in Madrid in with the intention of spreading the benefits that Indian Tantra gives us since more than 3000 years.

Daily life generates a very heavy pack of tensions, blockages, fears, negative energy, stress, ... loads of any kind that erode our quality of life, our mind, our spirit and our inner richness. Sexuality is an aspect that is affected by all these negative energies. The real Tantra can provide a complete healing to our sexual energy; activities to learn to love more, to accept our bodies and distributing that energy throughout our being so that we control.

In the Espíritu Tantra Center we work Red Tantra by ritual massage. It is a quick way to begin experiencing the power of Tantra and feel the physical and spiritual benefits of this ancient practice. With our therapies you will experience an expansion and release of energy that will allow you to open yourself to your own personal search and enhance your relationships. We perfom tantric massages that will make you experience an integral health recovery. From the first massage you will notice that your sexual energy and life becomes a powerful tool for your health, and you will merge into your daily life in a safe and full, with much more balance, more harmony and greater happiness.