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En el caso del hombre es importante que no eyacule en ningún momento del masaje ya que se perdería el 90 por ciento del efecto transformador y energizante de la sesión. Tampoco se permite tocar al profesional tántrico, porque desviaría su concentración en lo que está moviendo en ti y porque tú mismo dispersarías la energía que se está acumulando en tu cuerpo, tan valiosa para la fase final de la sesión donde se te lleva a experiencias corporales profundas.

Estos masajes hindús, son  entre los distintos masajes orientales que han ido llegando a occidente, una magnifiica herramienta para ir conociendo los maravillosos descubrimientos que las culturas de oriente han ido encontrando durante milenios sobre la naturaleza humana y su bienestar

Not a massage with "happy ending", is a powerful healing technique, not only sexual but its effects include great benefits for your body and your mind (physical energy more mental energy produces sexual energy). It is based on a ritual of 3000 years from the Red Tantra that goes straight to try and activate bluntly sexual energy of the patient from the first session, mobilizing them for the main channels and energy centers of the body and releasing emotional blocks, apathy, sadness, neurosis. Regenerándote physically, feeling more alive, more responsive, more sensual. Activating hormones being and much more ...

During the session, despite it is not its main goal, patient can experience several types orgasms , well different from the most known: waves of pleasure, full-body orgasms, status of full wellbeing, non-ejaculatory orgasms in the case of males and a very wide range of deep emotions.

Therapist, either man or woman, takes benefit of this energy release process to spread it along all the areas of your body, specially in those areas where blockings or lack of energy can exist, balancing in such way that you will be reconnected to the energy of the Earth and the Cosmos.

The massage is performed in futon and both, patient and therapist, share the session totally naked to ensure an optimum activation of energy.

During the massage you will feel adored, impassioned by the energy of the therapists and their dedication to you during the entire session; for the therapist the only human been that exist is you, a divine been with human image that deserve all the attention and care. If you collaborate with your therapist following and synchronising your breathing, being present in your body and surrending to all sensations that your body and mind will experience, it is for sure that session will be a total success, and you will start a change in your life and the way you see the world and the people.

It is important that men will not ejaculate under any circumstance during tha massage session, because he would loose 90 percent of the transforming and energising effect of the session. Patient is not allowed to touch the professional therapist under any circumstance. Firstly, because of respect, but also because the concentration would be deviated and you would disperse the energy that is being accumlated in your body, so valuable at the final part of the session.